The Environment

ALL-SEA UNDERWATER SOLUTIONS is committed to preserving the state of the environment.  Environmental conservation and protection needs to be incorporated into everything we do and every decision we make. We will always comply with all current environmental laws and regulations and shall develop and adopt all operations, procedures, technologies and policies needed to preserve the future well-being of the environment.

All employees and contractors play a fundamental role in achieving environmental protection.  All levels of management work closely with all supervisors, workers and office personnel in the continuous development and implementation of this policy.

As part of this commitment to the environment, ALL-SEA incorporates environmental protection guidelines and procedures into all day-to-day business activities whether in the office or field.  We have incorporated the following guidelines to protect the environment:

  • Encourage and expect each employee, to be environmentally responsible and to conduct work practices in accordance with all established policies and procedures;
  • All applicable environmental protection laws, regulations and guidelines, including federal, provincial, municipal, industrial and our own requirements will be adhered to.  When required the most stringent regulations and guidelines will be followed;
  • All business activities will be conducted in accordance with all environmental legislation;
  • Appropriate waste disposal programs will be implemented and followed;
  • Emergency situations will be responded to immediately to reduce the potential environmental impact.  Corrective measures will be initiated as soon as possible to help return the environment to its original state.

It is in the best interest to consider environmental protection in every activity, whether at home, at the workplace or in transit. Commitment to environmental protection is an integral part of our business, and should include owners, managers, supervisors, workers and clients alike.