Environmentally-Friendly Hull Cleaning in the Port of Vancouver

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ALL-SEA is pleased to announce that as of immediate effect, we are available to perform environmentally friendly hull cleaning in Port Metro Vancouver on all types of vessels, irrespective of the make and type of underwater hull coating systems.

With our newly developed full reclaim hull cleaning system called the WHALESHARK, we are able to capture the toxic paint materials and any invasive species to the satisfaction of the Port Metro Vancouver Authorities. This new hull cleaning system has been developed in cooperation with the Port Metro Vancouver authorities as well as Transport Canada.


A blanket “Letter of Authorization” is in the process of being issued and may take some  time due to the stringent environmental approval process of both authorities. However, as of immediate effect, we are able to provide the service based on individual case-by-case requests and approvals.

In order to conduct hull cleaning on one of your vessels, we will need to receive a request for the same along with the specifications of the coating(s) to be cleaned so that we are able to procure the required permission from the Port Metro Vancouver authorities.

For further information, please contact:

Matt Bone at All-Sea Enterprises Ltd.
Tel: +1 604 980-9613
Email: matt@all-sea.com

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