Safe. Efficient. Effective.

We realize that many underwater projects are more safely and economically performed by utilizing ROVs. We strive to limit diver exposure to underwater operations on hydroelectric projects and other sub-aqueous facilities where head pressure differential and active equipment issues make manned operations more sensitive. While talking about limiting diver exposure, it only helps if a company can offer safe, efficient, and effective alternative solutions for performing operations.

We have knowledgeable pilots with experience, and a track record to help make your project safer and more successful.

We offer the following services:

  •  Design and consultation
  • Hydro-project specific tooling packages
  • Hydraulic blanking/plugging
  • General construction tooling packages
  • Remote hydraulic dredging
  • Remote resurfacing and machining technologies
  • High pressure water blasting
  • Sector scan sonar
  • Dual imaging sonar
  • Side-scan sonar
  • Light ROV’s
  • HD ROV’s
  • Long Tunnel ROV’s – 8000 ft.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Multi-node Security System
  • CAD, Layer Dimensioning

Need inspection or repair to your underwater pipeline construction project?