ALL-SEA UNDERWATER SOLUTIONS, as a full service underwater ship maintenance specialist, continues to provide the following underwater maintenance and inspection services worldwide.

In-Water Survey Solutions

  • Underwater examinations for extension of Class
  • Pre-purchase, pre/post charter surveys
  • Pre and Post dry dock inspections
  • Damage assessment inspections
  • Hull coating inspections

Propeller Polishing Solutions

  • Multi-stage micro-polishing of all surfaces
  • Video or still camera inspection of propeller before and after polishing
  • Detailed written report with photographs (pre and post polishing) and any anomalies sighted during the general inspection.

Valve Repair Solutions

  • Large stock selection of intake blanks and discharge plugs
  • Fabrication of custom blanks in hours

Non-Destructive Testing Solutions

  • Ultra thickness measurement
  • Ultrasonic shear wave (weld flaw & crack detection)
  • Magnetic particle (crack detection)

Hull Cleaning Solutions

  • Cleaning performed in hours using hydraulic multi-brush systems (including cleaning of new non-surface energy coatings)
  • General inspection of hull and appendages

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