Underwater Stern Seal Replacement

In addition to our well-established Face Type seal replacement, underwater replacement of Lip Type stern seals is also possible. Now for the first time, complete rebuilds, including bonding new seal rings, can be performed underwater using TransHab (Transportable Habitat).

TransHab is a lightweight, inflatable habitat that is fitted around the stern seal between the stern tube and propeller, thereby providing a dry environment large enough for two technicians to carry out repairs. Using stock adapters TransHab is designed to fit any seal arrangement, including azipod drives, with liner sizes from 480mm to 1000mm and can be easily modified to fit sizes outside this range.

Certified Seal Technicians

Professional diver technicians trained and certified by the major seal manufacturers carry out repairs previously possible only above water. Bonding new seal rings, removal or installation of spacer rings, and even complete seal replacements can be performed underwater at anchor or during cargo handling operations without interference with the vessel’s schedule.

Class Approved – As part of the system development, Classification Society representatives witnessed test bonding of seal ring samples inside TransHab at a seawater depth of 10m. Destructive testing of the samples proved strength values similar to dry-dock bonding, resulting in Classification Society and seal manufacturer approval.

“Our divers are trained technicians first. For them, diving is a secondary skill.”

Fast Response Worldwide

TransHab systems, including electrical powered diving support equipment, are packaged and stored in several compact crates, allowing it to be shipped anywhere required by air cargo with only a few hours’ notice.

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